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The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is bipartisan, game-changing legislation that would bring more than $50 million to Texas annually for the conservation of at-risk fish & wildlife species - without any new taxes...




You can help Texas fish and wildlife by asking your Member of Congress to COSPONSOR the Recovering America's Wildlife Act, H.R.3742. Learn how using our online toolkit...




Join our growing Alliance of Texas organizations and businesses who understand the value of healthy fish and wildlife populations...

Recovering America's Wildlife Act

Our Nature. Our Texas. Our Future.

Our natural resources provide innumerable benefits to human health and economic prosperity. 


As wildlife populations decline and our natural landscapes are degraded, these benefits are compromised.


Nationwide, experts have identified more than 12,000 Species of Greatest Conservation Need, including over 1,300 here in Texas.


We need proactive investments in conservation to keep at-risk fish and wildlife from becoming endangered.

Learn about the landmark legislation that can help protect our natural heritage for future Texans...

1 in 4 birds

lost since 1970...

One-third of America's wildlife is at increased risk of extinction...


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