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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Bald cypress trees turning glorious shades of burnt orange, migrating Monarch butterflies, and wintering waterfowl -- these are a few Texas fall favorites.

Along the coast, the first Whooping cranes have arrived at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. While we're feasting on pumpkin pie and green bean casserole, they'll be dining on wolfberries and blue crab.

This time of year, it's hard not to reflect on how nature connects us all. The feathered harbingers of spring in the North are welcomed winter visitors in the South. Good wildlife habitat in Texas will impact the breeding success of migrating birds in boreal forests and the Arctic tundra next spring.

Wild bees in the Northeast pollinate cranberries that end up on Thanksgiving tables in Texas. Gulf seafood, dependent on healthy coastal and marine ecosystems, makes holiday dinners across the country that much more special.

Wildlife and wildlife habitat brings us joy and respite, and they're also critical parts of our economy and sustain many American traditions and livelihoods. We all depend on each other.

Today, one-third of America's wildlife is at increased risk of extinction -- they need action now. Before you dive into a much-deserved holiday season, will you please be a voice for our nation's struggling wildlife?

Learn more about the Recovering America's Wildlife Act and Take Action today.

It Pays to Play Outside!

New recreation economy data surpasses previous totals -- generating $788 billion in output in 2019 alone. Read more from the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

Image: TPWD

Help support national Recovering America's Wildlife Act efforts by purchasing a t-shirt from the Alliance for America's Fish and Wildlife. Get yours here.

Image: Alliance for America's Fish and Wildlife

Leave the Leaves

Need an excuse not to rake those falling leaves? It's good for wildlife! From Luna moths and lightening bugs to salamanders -- leaves are important wildlife habitat. Learn more from National Wildlife Federation.

Image: NWF

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