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Happy World Wildlife Day!

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day. A perfect time to marvel at the rich diversity of wildlife across the globe, and here at home. From butterflies in the garden to bird song on a spring morning, wildlife enrich our lives and bring lots of joy. Fish and wildlife are also unsung heroes -- essential to human livelihoods, our economy, outdoor recreation, and health. Among a multitude of services, they help pollinate our food, eat crop pests, and maintain healthy fisheries and clean water. Unfortunately, one-third of all wildlife species in the United States are at increased risk of extinction. Many are those that provide essential ecosystem services -- like birds, pollinators, bats, amphibians, mussels, and many freshwater species.  America's wildlife needs our help. The hopeful news is that we can help secure a bright future for our fish and wildlife by passing the Recovering America's Wildlife Act, H.R.3742. This legislation would fund proactive, collaborative efforts at the state level to help thousands of fish and wildlife species from declining to the point of becoming endangered. H.R.3742 has broad public support and is now at 176 cosponsors nationwide -- including 13 Texans. By continuing to add cosponsors, we demonstrate the growing, bipartisan support behind this legislation and help encourage U.S. House floor action.

To see a list of current cosponsors click here.

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